Gravespace Payment

You can buy a grave space in a local authority burial ground.

You can buy a grave space in a local authority burial ground at the time of a person’s passing.

How to buy a Cemetery Plot
Carlow County Council must be notified of all internments within council owned burial grounds. This includes burials in existing/family-owned plots. The Registrar of the burial ground must be notified to accurately record the internment details in the cemetery register. 

If you are purchasing the new plot the below regulations apply. Please note the below list is not exhaustive and a full list of regulations in relation to burial grounds is contained in the Carlow County Council Burial Ground Bylaws as adopted 2021. A list of current Cemetery Fees is available below.

  1. A person looking to buy a burial plot must contact the Registrar of the burial ground who will then allocate the next available space (no selection is permitted). Alternatively, your undertaker can purchase a burial plot on your behalf. 
  2. If a burial ground does not have a registrar, then a person looking to buy a burial plot must contact the Environment Section on 059 9136231.
  3. Burial plots will only be sold in the event of a death and cannot be pre-purchased. However, in exceptional circumstances such as terminal illness as certified by a medical consultant Carlow County Council may consider the pre-sale of a plot. Where this is sought applications in writing should be made to the Senior Engineer, Environment Section, Carlow County Council, explaining the exceptional circumstances and including the relevant supporting documentation. Please note cases of exceptional circumstances are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the granting of approval is at the Council’s discretion.
  4. The grave spaces for the burial of persons shall be 2.4 metres long by 1.2 metres wide.  
  5. The maximum burial plots a person will be allowed to purchase is 2 burial plots. 
  6. The Council reserves the right to determine the capacity of each grave space and cannot be held responsible for the capacity of any grave space unless a depth test is carried out.
  7. The Deed and Receipt issued in response to the application constitutes the owner’s right of burial. As the details depend on the accuracy of the information supplied, the Council shall not be liable for any errors in the Deed as issued.
  8. The selling of a grave deed to a third party is not permitted. However, the Council will facilitate those wishing to return ownership of a deed to the Council.  
  9. The purchasing of a burial plot does not include permission for the erection of a headstone. Permission to erect a headstone must be applied for separately using the Headstone Permit Application Form.