Leisure and Recreation

Bike Week Initiative

Local authorities may provide financial support and help to community, voluntary and cycling groups to organise cycling related events such as bike checks and repairs, and cycle safety promotions during national Bike Week.

Outdoor Gyms

Local authorities may provide and maintain outdoor gyms which offer a range of outdoor fitness equipment such as walkers, cross trainers, rowers and steppers.

Public Playgrounds

Local authorities provide and maintain playgrounds with playhouses, swings, seesaws and multi play units.


Local authorities may provide and maintain skateparks.

Sports and Recreation Programme

Local authorities, together with their Local Sports Partnerships, may run programmes to promote sport and physical activity such as cross country events, family mountain walks, school swim programmes, sports inclusion camps, and physical activity events for children, families and older people.

Sports Grant Scheme

Local authorities may provide financial support to community and voluntary sporting organisations to develop and improve sports and recreation premises, pitches and equipment.

Women in Sport Initiative

Local Sports Partnerships may run the Women in Sport Initiative to promote sports programmes specifically for women and girls to increase their participation in sport, exercise and physical activity.

Local Sports Partnership Strategic Plan Consultation

Local Sport Partnerships prepare plans to promote participation in sport at local level. These include club development, volunteer training and looking at ways to encourage more girls, women, older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people and those who live in disadvantaged communities to take part in sport. You can have an input into the plans through consultation.

Sports Bursary Awards Scheme

Local authorities may provide financial support to athletes taking part, or planning to take part, in sports events at national or international level to help with the cost of education, training, travel and equipment.

Sports Club Development Grant

Local Sports Partnerships may provide financial support to sports clubs to increase participation in minority sports such as judo, basketball, camogie and badminton.