Public Playground Information and Advice

Local authorities provide information and advice to the public about public playground locations, facilities, opening times and upcoming events.

Carlow County Council recognises the importance of children as citizens of the county with the right to participate in the civic life of County Carlow. Central to the rights of children, is the right to play in appropriate and safe surroundings.

Play is an essential element of a child’s physical, psychological, and emotional development and encourages social interaction, learning and problem solving in a creative and imaginative fashion. The benefits of play also include increased physical activity.

Playgrounds: therefore, should be an integral part of the services provided to the public, to allow more children the opportunity to play outside and to contribute to the development of a child friendly community.

Playgrounds may also be seen as an attractive facility in the locality for existing residents, potential residents, and tourists alike.

The provision of playgrounds, whether by the Council or the local community, should be of the highest standard. Playgrounds should be appropriate to the needs of children and accessible to everyone.