Headstone Erection Licence

You can apply to a local authority to get a licence to erect a headstone.

Headstone Erection Permit

Headstones must be erected by a professional headstone and monuments contractor.

  1. The family contacts a monument contractor
  2. The monument contractor completes the headstone permit application form below in full and sends the completed form to the Environment Section.
  3. The application form is reviewed by the cemetery registrar. 
  4. The registrar checks and confirms the details are correct and notifies Carlow County Council.
  5. Carlow County Council review the application and approve
  6. A permit is sent to your monuments contractor and works can now take place.
  7. At least 48 before starting works, the monument contractor must contact the Environment section or the burial ground registrar. The contact details will be provided on your approval letter.

How to Apply
The monument contractor must fully complete the application form attached below. If you do not fully complete the form, it may delay the application process, or we may return it to you to amend.

The completed form must also include the following documents:

  • A sketch of the proposed monument (with dimensions)
  • A copy of the monument contractors public liability insurance
  • Proof of purchase of the plot may be requested

Where to Send Your Form

You can send your completed form to us by email or post.
Email: environment@carlowcoco.ie
Post: Environment Section, Carlow County Council, Cox’s Lane, Carlow, R93 X3T5

Burial Ground Regulations for the erection of Monument or Copings on Graves in Council Burial Grounds.

Monument Contractors must comply with all regulations relating to the erection of headstone as outlined below.

  1. No monument or coping shall be placed on any grave space except by the owner of such grave space or with his permission in writing.  
  2. No monument or coping of any description shall be erected on any Burial Ground under the control of the Council except where permission in the form of a valid written permit has first been obtained from Carlow County Council.  
  3. Any headstone or monument erected shall be so erected on a solid masonry or concrete foundation placed not less than 0.6 metres (24 inches) below ground level.   Where applicable, a monument or headstone shall not be placed in position until a Certificate that this regulation has been complied with, has been issued by the Registrar of the Burial Ground, to the Contractor or person responsible for the erection.  Maximum height of a memorial shall be 1.2 metres (48 inches) above ground level.
  4. The exception to such height restriction may only apply to applications for the erection of traditional Irish stone monument designs such as Celtic/Latin Crosses or traditional monuments.  Maximum height of Celtic/Latin Cross or traditional monument shall be 1.8 metres (72 inches) above ground level.
  5. Any coping placed around a grave space or plot shall be placed on a solid foundation sunk at least 0.15 metres (6 inches) below ground level.
  6. No monument or coping erected on any grave space or plot shall extend outside the boundary of such grave space or plot and this Regulation also applies to the foundation for such monument or coping.  
  7. On sloping ground the maximum coping height above ground level on the high side to be 0.15 metres (6 inches).  Exception to this rule may be made where the ground is uneven; in this case a realistic distance is to be left between grave spaces.
  8. No monument or coping shall be placed on any grave space or plot unless notice has been first given to the Burial Ground Registrar of the date on which it is proposed to proceed with same.
  9. All spoil and excess material resulting from the preparation for and erection of a monument or coping to a grave shall be collected and removed by the person or contractor erecting the monument or coping. 
  10. Any permission sought for the erection of a monument over a grave space or plot should be accompanied by an indicative sketch of the proposed memorial. 
  11. Carlow County Council reserves to itself the right to order the removal of any monument, headstone or coping if in the opinion of the Council such monument, headstone, coping or erection is in its general appearance offensive or contradictory to good practice principles. 
  12. It shall be the duty of the Registrars of all Burial Grounds under the control of the Council to ensure that the above Regulations are complied with.