Carlow Garden Festival 2024

garden festival

The Carlow Garden Festival is a wonderful opportunity for budding and experienced gardeners and nature lovers to obtain practical advice from a range of informative workshops while visiting the many beautiful gardens in the county. With gardens in full bloom and with the majority of gardening work completed, the festival is the ideal time to relax, admire the work of others and make gardening plans for the coming months and year ahead.

The full programme can be viewed on the newly revamped Carlow Garden Trail website.

Established since 2002, Carlow’s Garden Festival is delivered through interactive, themed workshops and guided tours in private, public and community gardens, garden centres and forest parks throughout the county and in neighbouring Burtown House, Patthana Gardens and Shankill Castle. In the intervening twenty one years over 400 talks and workshops have been delivered by 300 plus key experts in UK and Irish gardening and environmental circles.

These gardening experts have shared their passion, knowledge, and insights, enriching the gardening community, both beginner and advanced, and inspiring generations to cultivate their green spaces with care and creativity. In addition to sharing their expertise, our gardening experts have explored the latest trends, keeping audiences abreast of what's happening in the ever-evolving world of gardening.