Light Goods/Commercial Vehicles

The requirements for the first-time taxing of a goods vehicle not exceeding 3,500kg design gross vehicle weight (DGVW).

All supporting documentation must be in the name of the registered owner. In the event of any differences, connectivity must be established to the satisfaction of the Licencing Authority.

  1. A completed application form RF100 (to be obtained from the garage if new or from the NCT if imported) or form RF100A/RF100B (if it is the first-time taxing on a change of ownership to your name).
  2. A completed goods only declaration form RF111A – this form must be stamped and witnessed at a Garda Station. Form available at
  3. The original current certificate of insurance - which must state that the applicant/vehicle concerned is covered for the carriage of goods in the course of her/his business or trade (as stated on the goods only declaration form RF111A).
  4. The certificate of roadworthiness must be current if the vehicle is 1 year old or over.
  5. If the vehicle is new and weighs more than 1,524 kg, has been imported or there is no weight on the NVDF, a weight docket from an Authorised Weighbridge is required (see list of Authorised Weighbridges) If the vehicle has been previously taxed and there is a change to the unladen weight the Registration Certificate must also be surrendered and a new one will be issued. 
  6. If the applicant is a company or self-employed the original/print off from Revenue/ROS of any of the following must be submitted:
    • Revenue Tax Clearance in a Company name only or
    • V.A.T. evidence or
    • the notice of tax registration form or
    • a notice of assessment / self-assessment or
    • pay and file notice.

(Note: a herd number is not acceptable.)

If the applicant is employed by a business/company and is a PAYE worker, the following must be submitted:

  • An original letter (dated, signed and on headed paper) from her/his employer which must state:

    • that the named applicant is an employee
    • the registration number of the vehicle in question