Homelessness Prevention Support

Local authorities may work with individuals and families to help them move out of homelessness or prevent them from becoming homeless.

Carlow County Council has a dedicated homeless prevention team. If you are in danger of homelessness please contact the team homeless@carlowcoco.ie or by contacting 0599170300 or by calling to the offices or Carlow County Council Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm. The homeless prevention team provide a range of services including mediation services, advice and information and signposting services. Emergency accommodation is a last resort and will only be considered as a last resort.

Notice of Termination or Notice to Quit

If a tenant receives a notice to quit from their landlord they should make contact with the team immediately. Advice and Information is available through Focus Ireland by contacting 0876750317.

Currently there is a Tenant in Situ (TIS) scheme in place where Carlow County Council may be able to purchase properties under the HAP and RAS scheme that are being sold. The scheme is a Homeless Prevention measure and will be considered if there are no other Housing solutions available. If any landlord wishes to be considered for the scheme please fill out the Application Form below and submit to capital@carlowcoco.ie