Housing Thermal Upgrades

Local authorities may carry out approved energy upgrade works to local authority houses such as cavity or external wall insulation, new windows and doors, central heating and attic insulation.

Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Programme (EERP)

The Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Programme (EERP) was launched in 2013 with the aim of funding retrofit of social homes requiring insulation and energy upgrade works. Since the programme commenced in 2013 to the end of 2022, over 77,500 local authority social housing dwellings have been retrofitted with a total exchequer spend of over €251 million.

In 2021, a new Programme was designed aiming to 'retrofit' 500,000 homes to a B2/Cost Optimal Equivalent (BER) standard by 2030, of which, approximately 36,500 are expected to be local authority owned homes, with grant funding provided by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage for those local authority housing retrofits.

Works eligible under the revised EERP include attic/cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation where required, windows and doors replacement, heat pump installation and ancillary and associated works. Works are typically carried out in this order. The installation of gas/oil boilers or solid fuel/inset stoves including wood pellet stoves are not supported by the Department under the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programme.

Carlow County Council operates the programme on a ‘worst first’ basis i.e. properties where there is the lowest BERs or there is fuel poverty (households spending more than one-tenth of its net income on energy excluding motor fuel) are selected for the programme in a priority order. Efficiency of delivery of individual programmes at scale is also considered.

The 2023 EERP budget provides an increase in funding support from €85 million allocated in 2022 to €87 million in 2023.