Planning Permission

You must apply for planning permission if you want to build or demolish property, or significantly alter the use of land or property unless the development is exempt.

Applying for Planning Permission Overview

The legal requirements in respect of making a planning application as outlined in the Planning and Development Acts and the Planning and Development Regulations must be fully complied with.

If the above requirements are not met, Carlow County Council will be unable to assess your application and it will be declared invalid and all documentation returned to you.

It should be noted that the planning system is open and transparent and everyone (individuals, residents' associations, etc.) has the right to see an application and to make submissions or observations if they think it will affect them or their neighbourhood.

Persons may also make submissions or observations on an application even if they are not directly affected but feel strongly about a particular issue and want to express an opinion.

When you have completed the form and plans, the planning application together with the appropriate fee should be returned as follows to:

The Planning Section,
Carlow County Council,
Athy Road,

Approved Newspapers

Notice of intention to make a planning application within a period of 2 weeks prior to the submission of the application must be published in a local or national newspaper. Carlow County Council has prepared an approved list of newspapers. A planning application shall be deemed invalid in the event that a notice is not published in accordance with this approved list:

Approved Newspapers
Carlow Nationalist
Irish Times
Irish Independent

Schedule of Planning Fees

The scale of fees payable is prescribed in law. If the correct fee does not accompany your application, your application will be declared invalid and returned to you together with any fee paid. State the amount of fee being paid and the class(es) of fee applicable on the application form.

Further Information

In certain cases an applicant will be requested by the Planning Authority to provide further information as part of a planning application and to give public notice of the submission of this further information where deemed necessary having regard to the requirements of the Article 35 of Planning & Development Regulations 2001, as amended.

Planning Appeals to An Bord Pleanala – who may appeal?

As an applicant, if you are dissatisfied with the Council's decision or conditions attached to a planning decision, it can be appealed to An Bord Pleanala.

As an objector to a planning application, if you submitted a valid objection you can also make an appeal.