Residential Parking Permit

Residents can apply to the local authority for a permit to park in designated parking areas near their home.

You may be eligible to buy a Resident's Parking Permit from Carlow County Council if you are a resident and live on a street or road that has a Pay-and-Display and Permit Parking Scheme.

You must use your usual address to be eligible to apply for a Residential Parking Permit. 

You can apply for a Residential Parking Permit by completing the application form (see below). It must be submitted to the Parking Permits Section accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents as outlined on the Parking Permit requirements.

We will post your Residential Parking Permit to your address.

If you are an employee with a company car or a private car insured by the company, you must supply: 

  • a copy of the Vehicle Licensing Certificate 
  • a copy of the company insurance certificate 
  • a letter from the company stating that they employ you 
  • your address 
  • the vehicle registration number 
  • you have habitual use of the company vehicle or that the company insures your private car. 

Download the Parking Permit 1st Time application or Change of Address Form.