Road Opening Licence

You must apply to the local authority if you want to open a section of public road, footpath or associated grass verge to carry out work.

A Road Opening Licence allows the holder to excavate a section of public road, i.e. carriageway/footway and associated grass verge.

A licence is required if an individual/contractor wishes to open a footpath, road or street for any reason.

A National Online Road Licensing system called MRL (Maproad Roadworks Licensing) is operational and is managed and supported by the Roads Management Office (RMO) nationally. All applications for road openings in County Carlow must be made via this website and licences will be issued through the online system by Carlow County Council.

To register on the MRL system use the following link

Your insurance details must be submitted in the required format prior to registration. Registered applicants will get a username and password within 1 week of submission of compliant details. Registration will allow applicants to apply in all Road Authorities nationally. Applicants must maintain the minimum insurance requirements.

To access MRL use this link :

The revised 'Purple Book' Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads can be downloaded here:

Queries in relation to registration on the MRL system can be emailed to or contact the Road Management Office Tel: 028 – 40741 for Road Licensing registration queries for technical support/queries for MRL

It should also be noted that no work should be carried out without prior notice to the Council, ESB and Eircom, even when the licence is obtained. Adequate signage is also a necessity and a condition of the licence. The Council should also be notified when the work is completed.

Please note that even if planning permission has been granted and a commencement notice issued, a road opening licence is still required if it is necessary to open the road.

MRL Website