Road Networks

Accessible Footpaths and Crossings

Local authorities may provide tactile paving on public footpaths, streets and crossings in urban areas to make them safe for people with disabilities.

Authorised Weighbridges

Local authorities may operate weighbridges where commercial goods vehicles can get a valid weigh docket to accompany a motor tax application.

Cycle Parking

Local authorities may provide on street cycle parking facilities in designated areas.

Drainage from Public Roads Enforcement

Local authorities may take action against landowners who do not take reasonable steps to let water drain from a public road onto their land or who let water, soil or other materials escape from their land onto a public road.

Footpath Dishing Permission

You must apply to the local authority for permission to lower the level of a footpath to allow vehicles to enter your property.

Road Signs

Local authorities provide and maintain road signs on local and regional roads.

Roadworks Management

Local authorities coordinate and manage roadworks to reduce their impact on traffic flow and maintain public safety.

Speed Limit Setting Consultation

Local authorities may set special speed limits near built-up areas, schools and housing estates to improve road safety for all road users. You can have an input into the proposed speed limits through consultation.

Taxi Ranks

Local authorities, together with other agencies, provide and manage taxi ranks by planning their location, deciding on their size and hours of operation, and overseeing their use.

Tree and Hedge Cutting Enforcement

Local authorities may require landowners to cut trees, shrubs, hedges and other vegetation on their lands that interferes with the safe use of a public road or footpath. Local authorities may take action against landowners.