URDF - Urban Regeneration and Development Fund

The Carlow Town Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) is a €20.8 million funding allocation to Carlow County Council to support the implementation of Project Carlow 2040, an ambitious regeneration strategy for Carlow Town.

The URDF funding will be used to deliver a range of projects aimed at revitalising the town center, making it more attractive and accessible for residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Carlow Town URDF project aims to deliver a more compact and sustainable town centre. It will do this by regenerating the existing public realm and repurposing vacant and or derelict sites. It will also provide more opportunities for the inhabitants of Carlow to circulate around the centre, prioritising alternatives methods to the private car. 

A key objective of the URDF project will be to provide multipurpose public realm spaces, that will facilitate public events, informal activities and encourage Carlow's inhabitants to take ownership of its public realm. 

Project updates can be found below:

Project Carlow 2040 website

Project Carlow 2040 Facebook