Broadband Connection Points

Local authorities provide broadband connection points at specific locations to provide quality broadband services to local communities.

As the National Broadband Plan will take 7 years to complete, Broadband Connection Points (BCP’s) were identified as an interim measure to get broadband to rural areas.

Broadband Connection Points (or BCPs) are public locations which have been selected to receive 150Mb high quality, high-speed broadband connectivity in the first year of the National Broadband Plan. A BCP, is a location where public WIFI will be provided to give broadband access to the local community. This will enable people living in the area to go to the selected location and access broadband for daily use including remote working, general access and even keeping in touch with family and friends abroad through video calling. The main criteria for selection of the BCP was that the BCP must be located in the AMBER area of the National Broadband Plan and that the area where the BCP resides have no plans for commercial development to deliver high speed broadband. All BCP locations in Carlow have been surveyed and will be connected in 2021. Ducketts Grove was the first BCP to be connected in Carlow in March 2020 and has free WiFi in the courtyard and upper walled garden.

Seven locations were approved in County Carlow. The seven Carlow locations are made up of public buildings, such as schools, community centres and tourist attractions. BCP locations which are schools are for educational access only. All other BCP’s will provide free public access for high speed broadband connectivity.

Altamont Gardens R93 N882
Duckett’s Grove House R93 RF80
Borris Library R95 HF25
Rathanna Community Hall R95 HH68
Newtown Community Centre R95 TD21
Our Lady’s National School Nurney R93 D340
Kildavin National School Y21 EC6