Local Authority Publications

Annual Budget Publication

Local authorities publish budgets outlining their spending priorities and commitments for each service area during the year.

Annual Report Publication

Local authorities publish annual reports giving details of their activities, achievements and performance across each service area.

Audit Committee Annual Report Publication

Local authority audit committees publish annual reports which contain details of financial and budgetary management reporting, internal audit controls, risk management and corporate governance.

Byelaws Publication

Local authorities publish byelaws which outline the rules that apply to cemeteries, parking, speed limits, casual trading, the control of dogs and horses, and other service areas.

Chief Executive Reports Publication

Local authorities publish monthly and quarterly updates from their chief executives on activities, progress and statistics in each local authority service area.

Child Safeguarding Statement Publication

Local authorities publish statements outlining their duty and commitment to safeguard children in the delivery of local authority services by promoting the general welfare, health and safety of children, developing safe management and guidance procedures, and appointing Designated Child Protection Liaison Officers.

Communication and Media Management

Local authorities provide up to date information to the public about services, activities and events through various media channels including websites, social media platforms, radio, press releases, and alert services.

Corporate Plan Publication

Local authorities publish five year plans to outline their vision, policies and objectives for the local authority's long term direction.

Corporate Procurement Plan Publication

Local authorities publish plans explaining their procurement rules and needs, and how suppliers can tender to supply goods and services to the local authority.

Council Meeting Minutes Publication

Local authorities publish minutes of council and other public meetings to inform the public about council activities and serve as a record of official council business.

Data and Data Analytics Publication

Local authorities publish data on specific service areas such as water, soil and air quality, traffic, cycling and pedestrian movement and parking event management. Local authorities analyse the data to inform the development of new services and improve existing services.

Digital Strategy Publication

Local authorities publish strategies to develop and promote digital economies, digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital societies and services.

Fire and Emergency Operations Plan Publication

Local authorities publish plans outlining their fire and emergency operations including fire stations, appliances, equipment, water supplies, training, and procedures for dealing with fires and emergencies.

Procurement Policy Publication

Local authorities may publish plans outlining their approach to procuring goods and services in line with public sector procurement guidelines.

Public Events Guidelines

Local authorities may prepare information guidelines for holding events on local authority property.

Public Notice Publication

Local authorities publish public notices to inform people about public consultations, road works and closures, the Register of Electors, compulsory purchase of lands, the setting of commercial rates, and other activities.

Service Delivery Plan Publication

Local authorities publish annual plans to outline the actions they intend to take to meet their commitments to deliver high-quality and efficient services.