Digital Strategy Publication

Local authorities publish strategies to develop and promote digital economies, digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital societies and services.

The Carlow Digital Strategy 2021 - 2024 has been developed by Carlow County Council in consultation with the public and other stakeholders to assist everyone in County Carlow to embrace the power and potential of all that digital has to offer.

The Digital Strategy links together ambitions and actions in 4 key areas, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Economy, Digital Services, Digital Community and highlights the continuing importance of having a strong digital infrastructure (broadband), digital services, access and knowledge. It highlights the opportunities that digital offers and the dependencies that exist between a vibrant economy, the community, and modern public services.

People now more than ever want choice in how they communicate, work and interact in a way that best suits their busy lives, and the actions set out in this strategy together with the timely delivery of the National Broadband Plan are key elements in providing the platform.

Carlow County Council is committed to working with all the stakeholders involved in the delivery of the National Broadband Plan including the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the role of the Culture, Libraries and Digital Development, Tourism, Enterprise and Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee under the chairmanship of Councillor John Murphy and the staff of Carlow County Council in developing this Digital Strategy.

Introduction and Vision Statement

Carlow County Council developed this Digital Strategy with a vision to advance our broadband and digital infrastructure so that the citizens of Carlow can leverage the full potential that digital presents. Embracing the full range of opportunities that a digitally enabled society provides will allow us to further develop the digital services available from Carlow County Council, advance our citizens digital skills, improve our community engagement and support our Counties digital economy.

The fundamental goal of the strategy is to maximise the benefits of digital transformation for the enhancement of our society and economy. By developing this Digital Strategy, we hope to create an overall vision for the County based upon a number of core objectives with a clear roadmap for implementation. The Strategy Priorities 4 Key Pillars:

• Digital Infrastructure

• Digital Economy

• Digital Services

• Digital Communities & eCitizens

These 4 core pillars identify areas where the strategy needs to focus. The actions of this plan will be continually monitored and updated. This is an organic document that will alter over time to an ever-changing digital landscape. Each of the 4 core pillars has a predominant high-level vision with associated goals and actions. Each of these will be elaborated upon in their relevant sections.